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Men’s Wolf Necklace Chain

Price: $600$10,000

Men's Crow Talon Ring in yellow gold and Black Freshwater Pearl. Also wearing the Men’s Wolf Claw Necklace in Sterling Silver and plated in 24k Yellow gold. Made by Hand of Solomon Native artist Louise Solomon. Modelled by Michael Solomon.

Men’s Wolf Necklace Chain

Price: $600$10,000

Native Americans have a strong relationship with the wolf and this goes back to The Creation Story when the Creator sent the wolf to keep Original Man Company while he walked the Earth.

Anishinabe and the wolf parallel each-other in their lives. Both have a Clan system, mate for life, have had their land taken from them and were pushed close to destruction, but are coming back strong and proud.

This piece is constructed with castings of a real wolf claw that I molded myself. The wolf that these claws came from was not hunted.


Sterling Silver, 24k Gold Plated over Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold

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