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Braided Sweetgrass Hand Ring

Price: $300$2,500

Braided Sweetgrass Hand Ring in Sterling silver with 24k Gold Plating. Native jewelry brought to you by Hand of Solomon Jewellery. Designed by Louise Solomon Ojibwe artist from Toronto Canada.
Sweetgrass handringBraided Sweetgrass Hand Ring

Braided Sweetgrass Hand Ring

Price: $300$2,500

Sweetgrass is one of the four sacred medicines of the Anishinabe people. Its ceremonial use is to purify by replacing the negative with positive. When braided it represents the hair of Mother Earth.

This hand ring is solid sterling silver and is open ended making it adjustable.


Sterling Silver, 24k Gold Plated over Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold

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