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Mar, 14


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Wolf Claw Necklace in Sterling Silver designed by Louise Solomon, Hand of Solomon – Native Fashion.


Maa’iingan means Wolf in the Ojibwe language. The wolf  has always been an important animal to me and I have always been drawn to them (also the snake, but that’s another story). I’ve only seen a wolf once, but it was amazing and a wild, free wolf not in a zoo. My Mom has always collected ANYthing wolf, so growing up, there were always wolf paintings and little wolf figures, my Mom is definitely a SHEwolf.

In the above picture is one of my three brothers Michael Solomon. He’s a professional model and a carpenter. He’s one of my inspirations to create Native Fashion for menswear because he loves luxury fashion and statement pieces. He is wearing the Men’s Wolf Claw Necklace which was cast from wolf claws in sterling silver. I’ve updated the style a bit, the necklace use to be square but now its a V shape. I made this necklace to represent the strong and powerful wolf, or the wolf within. If I were an animal I would definitely be Maa’iingan! What would you be?

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  1. Jenny Blackbird

    Beautiful photo. It was nice to meet you and see your work at the Thunderbird Marketplace at Spring One Of A Kind Show!

    Jenny (Also a wolf… :) )

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